Hello, we are Jackie and Daryl.

Let us introduce ourselves! Jackie is a Miami native who has worked at Airbnb remotely for 6 years, and Daryl, a native of Philadelphia, is an international Opera singer.

We're newlyweds and perpetually nomadic. We've been traveling the world together ever since we met on OKCupid in New York City in 2012.    

While we find tourist attractions a great place for a photo and a quick thought on history, we mostly immerse ourselves in the places in which we visit through local experiences. That is how we truly understand the impact history has on the way we experience the destination and its culture today!

As we learn and explore different areas of the world, we'll be sharing our insights on 5 key areas of our travels for the benefit of our readers!

  1. Level of safety as a lesbian couple
  2. Fun facts related to our travel
  3. Experiences during our travel such as beaches, tours, art, etc.
  4. Transportation + lodging used during our stay
  5. Food enjoyed along the way